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For the screenplay’s young writer from Chicago, Graham Moore, a self-confessed geek, Turing was a natural subject for drama while Keira Knightley, who plays fellow codebreaker Joan Clarke admitted that she was keen to do the film not only because of its powerful storyline but because of her close friend Benedict’s involvement. She said she also always looks for films with a lot of women in them ‘which is why I did Pride and Prejudice.’ But in her experience there are very few films with many female characters or crew and that ‘films are a boys’ club, and this time they let me in. They don’t always.’

Q&A: Andrew Scott Gets Candid About 'Unnecessary' Gay Questions, (Almost) Kissing Benedict Cumberbatch

You recently spoke out against the notion of “playing gay,” which is obviously something you feel strongly about.

You can’t. It’s absolutely impossible to play that as an actor. If someone were to play me in a film about my life, I would hate for just gay actors to audition for the role, because I think I could potentially have attributes as much in common with a straight actor as I could with a gay actor.

You can really make a general wash of people’s sexuality (and say) that people are exactly the same. But the attributes I possess as a human being could be represented by anybody with human sexuality, really, if they have the chief attributes that an actor needs, which are empathy and imagination. So, I do think it’s very important that those things are mentioned, that a human being is made up of a whole range of things and sexuality is, of course, one of them, but it’s not the sum total.

You’ve co-starred with some of the finest-looking men in the show business: Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hardy, James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe, to name a few. Is it in your contract that you only work with the most attractive men in the industry?

(Laughs) Absolutely, it is. And I believe it’s in all their contracts as well, which is why they get to work with me.

So, in season three of “Sherlock Holmes,” you came closer to kissing Benedict than a lot of us ever will. What was that like?

You know what, Benedict is my friend, and when we shot that scene on “Sherlock” we knew it would be sort of cheeky, but that question always makes me very uncomfortable because he’s my pal. I sometimes wonder if people are asking that question hoping for a new response. (Laughs)

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